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Road Test Sign-Up/Payment


You have to be available for both dates we ask for. We don't get a choice from the RMV and we only do one of the days. If you are not available for both days, please don't sign up!

Also, the test can start as early as 7:00 A.M. The test takes place at our Shrewsbury  office which is 415 Boston Turnpike. 

 You can not be signed up for another test either at the RMV or another driving school. They only allow you to book one test at a time.

We need a minimum of 30 people to make our odds better at getting a test. Due to that, the following dates may get pushed up if we don't have enough people signed up. If you don't hear from us by the date you should, please look at this page to see if the test got pushed up. Everyone automatically gets put on the next test.

We do a test every 4 to 6 weeks so you know if the test got pushed up.

The next test we are asking for is August 1st or 2nd. You have until July 17th to sign up. We should hear back from the RMV by July 24th.

Just to let everyone know, the RMV started road tests on June 10th at the RMV. Anyone who had a test booked for the end of March, April, or May will get to go first. With that said, you probably won't be able to book a test until August. The pandemic has made alot of changes for driving schools and not for the best. We know these things are frustrating but please be patient. We don't have a say in any of this either.


  1. Once we submit our list to the R.M.V., we can not add anyone to that list, so please don't call or e-mail us asking us to try.
  2. When taking the test with us, you must use our car, no personal cars are allowed for off-hours road tests.
  3. The fee paid to us does not include the R.M.V.'s normal road test fee of $35.00 and the plastic license fee of $50.00. You can pay these fees on the R.M.V.'s website before or after your test. They do not accept any payments at our test. 
  4. The fee paid to us is for us to book your test, sponsor you, the use of our car, and allow you to test on a weekend.   
  5. If you are under 18 years old your Driver's Ed Certificate must be approved by the R.M.V. before you can book a road test. You personally have to check the R.M.V. website to look it up.
  6. Remember, you must also have your permit for 6 months and a day to take a test!


Please fill out the form below and submit your payment on the next page. Please be certain you want to be on our list for the next road exam because once you sign up, you're committing yourself to that test. There will be no refunds for cancelations or "no-shows" on the test date.

The process of us booking an off-hour road exam with the R.M.V. is as follows:

  1. We submit a list of names 2 weeks before the date we're asking for on a Sunday.
  2. Hopefully by Friday of that week they'll get back to us telling us we did or didn't get a test.
  3. If we do get the date we want, we call everyone to set up the time of day for them to come to Smart Start in Shrewsbury and take the actual test.
  4. If we don't get the date we asked for, we have to submit names again on the next Sunday, starting the process over.                                                    
  5. The availability of getting a test is based upon how many schools are asking for tests and how many examiners signed up for extra hours.                                                                           

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