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Road Test Information





  1. You can not book a test until you have finished your lessons.
  2. When taking the test with the RMV you must use their car, no personal cars are allowed for the test during the COVID-19 Pandemic.
  3. The fees you need to pay include the R.M.V.'s road test fee of $35.00 and the plastic license fee of $50.00. You can pay these fees on the R.M.V.'s website before or after your test.  
  4. Remember that you don't have a license when you pass your test until you have paid the fees.  
  5. If you are under 18 years old your Driver's Ed Certificate must be approved by the R.M.V. before you can book a road test. You personally have to check the R.M.V. website to look it up.
  6. Remember, you must also have your permit for 6 months and a day to take a test!