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About Us

We have been a part of the Shrewsbury community for 28 years. When we say "we", we mean the owner and his family. John came to realize that Shrewsbury didn't have a driving school for about 20 years when his oldest daughter needed to take Driver's Ed. That's when he decided to open Smart Start Driving School in 2012. He hired an established teacher with 12 years of experience also from Shrewsbury, and the rest is history. John teaches on-road lessons and classroom as well as the day to day operations.

We give back to our public services, veteran organizations, local schools, and students with donations. We pride ourselves on good communication and customer service in meeting individual needs. We make classroom learning an enjoyable and interactive process and offer students classrooms that are well maintained. We have the greatest flexibility meeting our students busy schedules when taking or making-up classes and booking on-road lessons. We are caring and committed to our students and have a passion to teach drivers education. We look forward to growing and serving each familie's driver education needs.