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About Our Grafton and Shrewsbury Driving Schools

Our Grafton school services Grafton, Millbury, Northbridge, Sutton, and Whitinsville. Our Grafton school picks up at the following schools: Grafton High, Millbury High, Sutton High, Blackstone Valley Tech, Nipmuc Regional, Northbridge High and Whitinsville Christian.

The Shrewsbury school services Northborough, Shrewsbury, and Zip Code 01604 in Worcester. Our Shrewsbury school picks up at the following schools: Algonquin Regional, Holy Name Central Catholic, North High, Shrewsbury High, St. John's, Worcester Academy and Worcester Vocational.

Please note: If you live in a different area than where you go to school, you cannot get picked up at school and dropped off at home. An example of this is living in Grafton and going to St. John's. You must pick which location you want to do your lessons from.                      

Our Goal is to provide our students with a quality Driving Education by giving them the tools to be confident, competent drivers. We will expose them to challenges like construction zones, highway and city driving, Worcester's famous Kelly Square, and all the things we know they will have to contend with on their own once they get their license. We focus our attention on those aspects of driving many parents fear due to safety issues.                                                                             

Safety is our number one priority. Our cars have dual brakes allowing us to teach your teens how to drive in situations you may avoid, in a calm, supportive, and controlled enviroment. We use Kia Fortes which have a 5-STAR crash rating.                                                                  

The owner is not only involved in the day to day operations but also instructs in the classroom and on the road.

We pride ourselves in our students feeling comfortable with the same car and/or instructor if desired. Excellent customer service is important to us. Please make us aware of any preferences to ensure a wonderful learning experience with Smart Start Driving School.


We understand in many families both parents work. This can make it difficult to drop-off and pick-up their teen at a specific location for their on-road lessons. One way we differ from other schools is that we pick-up and drop-off at school, home, or work for their on-road lessons even after the schools release time. Other schools pick-up and drop-off at a specific location, example: the town hall, making the parents do the running around.

We don't set mileage limits for our on-road lessons like some other schools. Keeping their cars to have low mileage to us means they must stay in neighborhoods or parking lots. Students are not going to be defensive drivers learning like that. For our on-road lessons we use a checklist to make sure every aspect of driver's ed is completed with each student.

On-road lessons are available Tuesday through Thursday 11:00am - 7:00pm, Friday 11:00am - 6:00pm, and Saturday 10:00am - 6:00pm.

We do a weekend road exam once a month at our Shrewsbury location so students don't have to miss school for a weekday road exam at the RMV. We use the same cars on the warm-up and test so the students feel comfortable on their test date.                                          

GIFT CERTIFICATES NOW AVAILABLE!                                     

It is tough knowing what to give today's teenagers. The newest gadgets are likely already in their hands or out of our budget. However, we have a wonderful gift idea. Driving Lesson Gift Certificates in any denominations.

What a great idea for grandparents and family members to give the teenager who seems to have everything. Call our office today and we'll help you with your Birthday or Christmas shopping list!   

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