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About Us

We have been a part of the Shrewsbury community for over 25 years and are happy to give back to our public services, local schools, and students with donations. We pride ourselves on good communication and customer service in meeting individual needs. We make classroom learning an enjoyable and interactive process and offer students classrooms that are well maintained. We have the greatest flexibility meeting our students busy schedules when taking or making-up classes and booking on road lessons. We are caring and committed to our students/families and have a passion to teach drivers education. We look forward to growing and serving each family's driver's education needs.

One way we differ from other schools is that we pick-up and drop-off at home, school, or work for the behind the wheel portion of driver's ed after 2 P.M. Other schools pick-up and drop-off at a specific location making the parents do the running around. For our behind the wheel lessons we use a checklist to make sure every aspect of driver's ed is completed with each student.

Our Grafton school picks up at the following schools: Grafton High, Millbury High, Sutton High, Blackstone Valley Tech, Nipmuc Regional, Northbridge High and Whitinsville Christian.

Our Shrewsbury school picks up at the following schools: Shrewsbury High, St. John's High, Algonquin Regional, Holy Name Central Catholic, North High, Tahanto Regional, Westborough High, Worcester Vocational, and Worcester Academy.

Please note: If you live in a different area than where you go to school, you cannot get picked up at school and dropped off at home. An example of this is living in Grafton and going to St. John's.